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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Apricot Seeds as An Anticancer and A Cancer Bidder

Apricot is believed originated from China where the fruit has been planted since 4000 years ago. The fruit is also grown in India and Tibet. Apricot is also known as a health food by the medical practitioners in Greek, while the Romans dedicated this fruit to Venus, the goddess of their love. Apricot was introduced in Europe during the time of Alexander the Great.
Apricot is included in subasid class. More acid can be obtained when the fruit is not fully ripe yet. The acidity began to decline, while its sweetness will increase when the fruit is in the process to ripe. Apricot has seeds that contain many nutrients. Fruits, seeds, oil and flowers of apricot fruit was used in the medical field for centuries.

In Chinese medicine, one of the drug called 'Gold Apricot' is made from apricot seeds that grown in certain areas. This drug is said to prolong life. Apricot
is also very good for patients with anemia due to iron deficiency (IDA), as it contains lots of iron minerals. Although small copper contained in this fruit, but it can make the iron minerals are used by the body.


Apricot seeds (Apricot kernels) are a group of nut and seed (legumes and cereals). There is no difference with the other beans and grains. What make it different is the nutritional content in it is very unusual. In the language of nutrients, apricot seeds is referred to Amigdalin, also known as vitamin B17.

B17 can help to kill cancer cells in our body, a result can free ourselves from this vicious disease (cancer). It is a silent killer.

Amigdalin (Vitamin B17) can be found in hundreds of plants. In the diet, we should have B17. If there is no B17 in your diet, your risk to get cancer is higher. Apart from apricot seeds (Apricot kernels), B17 can also be obtained from bitter almonds (amigdalin has bitter taste), apple pips, grape seeds, berries, beets, orange seeds and other seeds.

There are many ways you can use to fight cancer. One is the way to build your immune system so that it is very strong and can protect you from cancer. Another is to use a supplement with antioxidants which fight carcinogens in the body.

However, B17 in a very unique way, directly attack cancer cells and the result is much better than the way that mentioned above.

Studies on the first Amigdalin has been done over 100 years ago. Listed in pharmacological dictionaries that Amigdalin is a non-toxic materials. However there is one chemical element in B17 compound called "cyanide". It is chemically inert and harmless to normal living tissues.

We know that our bodies are creating cancer cells all the time. Normally, the immune system can kill the cancer cells. But when you are in "stress" or your body is in very poor condition and are regularly exposed to the carcinogenic environment, this situation will make the cancer cells become so powerful it can not be destroyed by the immune system.

B17 from Apricot seeds collaboration with the immune system will kill the cancer cells directly. An enzyme inside the cancer cells that can open a "chemical bond" is integrated in the B17 to produce cyanide. So, the cyanide in B17 will release from its chemical bonds. When the cyanide was released, it will directly kill the cancer cells. In healthy cells, such enzyme can not be found. That is why B17 would not work on the healthy cells.

B17 is only responsive to abnormal cells in the human body, including cancer cells, tumors, acne or haemorroid. If there is excess cyanide produced from the metabolic response to cancer and cyanide enters your bloodstream, it will be neutralized by the liver. Liver will work harder to neutralize toxic substances in our body. So w can see the effect of liver damage due to cleaning of waste. But not damage from cancer. So if our body is overloaded with toxins and not removed from the body, we might also be suffering from liver cancer.

Researchers at Imperial College London have been experimenting using cyanide to eliminate cancer cells, from the result, they found that cyanide or any other toxins in the blood is rapidly neutralized by the liver.

Amigdalin sometimes referred to Vitamin B17 and is found in nitriloside rich in fruits and vegetables. It has been used as a primary therapy to treat cancer patients, in some clinics around the world.

Therefore the alternative to eat 10-12 Apricot kernels per day hopefully can protect ourselves from getting cancer and as a therapy to the cancer patients. This is a good news for those who is looking for self-care alternative.

Note: Apricot kernels should be chewed or crushed and sprinkled in daily food or blended with fruit. Practiced by 5 to 6 times a day.