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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Why I Wanna Be A 7 Stars Doctor??

Hye readersssss!!! May peace be upon all of u! :D today is my offday from working, and since long time i never "touch" this blog, i would like to share an essay of mine.....this short essay is actually requested by my current Orthopaedic Head of's one of the 5 requirements before entering Orthopaedic & Traumatology Department posting, Sungai Buloh Hospital...

Why I want to be a doctor??
By : Hazwani binti Abdul Raffar

     Why I want to be a doctor? This question always running in my mind since I was young. Hmmm…may be from others’ mirrors, being a doctor is a symbol of high respect, glamourous and wealth, but for me being a doctor is not only for getting all that, and not only about treating other people. It also includes being a role model and a symbol of humanity. Being a doctor is not depend on hardwork and intelligence alone, it also need a deep interest along with passion. This passion and desire of wanting to help people is the feeling that keeps on encouraging me to be a doctor. Since my childhood, I realized that I am more sensitive to my surroundings. I care about other people’s problems and I always hope to be able to help them.

     I struggled hard since primary school to enter medical school, during my first year in medical school, I thought that becoming a doctor just need to pass exams and obtaining a degree after five to six years study but medical school had corrected me that I was wrong. Becoming a doctor is not just passing exams and obtaining a degree at the end of five to six years. Medicine involves treating patients, and hence once has to have good communication skills, be able acquire new skills besides being able to develop charisma and self-confidence. I have learnt a lot during that five years time in medical school. Alhamdulillah.

     My father always encourage me by telling that relieving the suffering of others is one of the things that are very much encouraged to be perfomed according to Prophet Muhammad PBUH.  There is no better job in trying to achieve this than being in medical field. People who come to a doctor are those with some form of suffering, be it physical or mental. I always imagine and hope that I can make change to others lives so that they will have more quality of lives. By being a doctor, I have the ability and opportunities to make a difference in people’s lives.

     Besides, being a doctor had taught me to always remain organized, consistent, and disciplined. Working as a doctor makes me really appreciate with time. Yeah, may be a full 24 hours off day is just like normal to others who are not a doctor, but for a doctor, I believe if he/she gets a 24 hours off day, he/she will really appreciate that ‘short’ period of time and indirectly will force him/her to always think, select and decide the priority things to do. This will lead me to be an organized and disciplined person.

     Last but not least, i really want to be a doctor because of my religion, for the sake of my Islam. There is a hadith states that whenever a person leaves his/her houses with the intention of helping another human being, Allah will rewards him/her with the blessing equivalent to someone who perfoms "iktikaf" inside the mosque for a month. So, a doctor who leaves his/her house to help other people will get the blessing from Allah all day long, provided he/she is sincere and does not expect any direct reward from the person that he/she helps.
     I pray to Allah, may i become a good muslimah doctor through out my life, InshaAllah.....

P/s: Sooo........HOW MANY STARS U WANNA GIMME??? hehehe...:D

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